“Over the past fourteen years I’ve had the privilege of working internationally in different facets of the fashion and commercial industries.  As a model, model scout, and makeup artist I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many photographers and I discovered early in my career that a photographer’s vision is what anchors an entire shoot.  Amber Lee Hays shows an inspiring dedication to her artistic vision; an attitude that abolishes limits and allows her to reach a little further to capture the perfect shot.  One of the things I find most admirable about her grand talent is the quiet humility surrounding it.  Working with Amber was energizing and an absolute pleasure.  I look forward to our next artistic endeavor with the same creative excitement she brings to each of her shoots.  The future can only hold great things for a genuine artist like Amber Lee Hays.”

 Aaron Nicholas Stielstra


“I walked away from my experience with Amber Lee Hay’s photo-shoot feeling very satisfied and inspired. Not only does she have a keen eye for creative, artistic, fun and beautiful shots. She also has a likeable personality. With which she is great at guiding you to be able to please the camera and capture the look and feel you are going for.
I enjoy her colorful style. The subtle yet profound added details she produces through the slight touch ups during processing. Especially the soft and lovely feel that they process. The real life that they embody. Amber’s photo’s stir emotions. I believe that is a real testament of an artist at work.

If you are looking for photos to enjoy surrounding yourself with and cherish for the rest of your life. I highly recommend Amber Lee Hay’s photography.”



“Hi Amber, Your pictures of Chandice’s wedding are absolutely spectacular! You are an amazing photographer. You captured such personal and spontaneous moments of Chandice and Thomas and family and friends. Everyone was perfectly relaxed with you. You could get rich doing this. Thank you soooo much. And….we absolutely love the slide show on youtube…lots of tears:)



“You put everyone in situations and positions, that make them look good. You know what you are doing 🙂 I am very happy that you have decided to take the leap into the business world. You will crush the competition.”



“Amber has a gift for photography: an eye for detail, artistic design, and the ability to capture the magic.”



“You know when you have that perfect snapshot in your mind?  Amber has the uncanny ability to not only bring that snapshot to life, but make it more vivid and detailed than you ever imagined.”



“This summer our family had the pleasure of meeting up with Amber to do a photo shoot while vacationing in Alaska.  Amber has a great eye for photography and is great to work with.  We couldn’t have asked for better photos and are truly blessed to have our family captured in our true element.  She was even able to get some great shots of our camera shy teen, those I truly treasure.  If only I could talk her into following our family around the country to keep taking pictures!”



“AMBER!!!! I LOVE your blogs about us! It made me feel so great! And the pictures are amazing as always! I love them. I can’t wait to get them printed out for our picture wall! You are the best to work with. I never feel very photogenic when I see pictures of myself, but your pictures make me feel beautiful when I look at them! Love ya!”



“I would highly recommend Amber Hays as a Photographer. This summer she did a photo shoot of my family at the fair. I was so impressed with her, she had a way of making my husband and children feel comfortable in the middle of a busy State fair. The way she interacted with my children was so kind and thoughtful they responded very well with her which resulted in great pictures. I feel that Amber is a very talented young lady. I have seen her interact with those around me and I see that she has a real talent of bringing the best out of each individual she is around. That characteristic paired with photography is a complete package. When I viewed her pictures on her website I was impressed with her creativity in capturing moments. Amber has an eye for detail. This is why I choose her as my photographer. I will continue to use her every year for family pictures. She has made my family feel like she not only is a dear family friend(from one photo shoot), but she too is apart of what made our family pictures special, she makes each photo shoot a special experience.”


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